Okay, I’m on the Twitter – Now What?

I did an email search and added a couple of my bloggie friends (hi Siz & Geggie!!).  I also added a couple of my Ladies Who Launch gals.  I even figured out how to text in a tweet and added a sidebar widget (sweet!).

But really now what?  Do I just start searching for people that I admire or like: Seth Godin? Robert Kiyosaki? Andy Wibble? Michael Gerber?  Or do I just pimp myself out to my other bloggie friends (see below)?

I’m actually surprised at how many people have their accounts but haven’t bothered to update in months.  Is that all it is for some people, just another account that they’ve let lie fallow?  I want to network baby!  I want to have fun!  I want to be cooler than cool!

Anyone else care to cave to the peer pressure and join me?  You can find me at kat_taf.

4 thoughts on “Okay, I’m on the Twitter – Now What?

  1. tearsinmycoffee

    As soon as twitter’s back up, i’m following you. 😉 And welcome to the fun world of twitter.  Doesn’t matter how crazy your ‘tweet’ is, just post it and have fun!
    BTW–I missed the announcement that you moved blogs.  Where have I been???

  2. LA Blogger Gal

    TIMC – really?  I moved blogs eons ago.  I’m having some issues getting those that use wp.com blogs to allow for me to sign in with my wp.org blog.  In which case, it automatically uses my old blog which is why I can’t delete it.  Grr!

    But feel free to follow my tweets once it’s up and running again.  And again, congrats on the new job.

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