ACK!! My Printer Doesn’t Seem to be Working!!

I noticed the other day that it would make a copy for me. It kept telling me that it had a job pending, but nothing ever happened. When I open the top, nothing moves about.

Then earlier today I tried to print up some mailing labels. They’d run through, but that’s it. Nothing was printed on them. I just assumed it was the labels since they were those small nametag things. So I head on over to Staples and pick up mailing labels by the sheet. I get it all set up, choose my fonts, press print my sample to see how it looks and…nothing.

I know there’s ink. I just put a new drum in a month or so back. I printed 30 copies of my handout on Thursday. The husband printed something this morning before going to work. I printed out two invoices from QB.  No fading ink lines. All was good.

Hmmm…wonder what the damn deal is? I have shit I need to print dammit!

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