What Do You Wear to Concerts?

I’m sitting here putting the finishing touches on my concert-going outfit before I head out to pick up the hubster at work.  By the way, it turns out there is such a thing as too much Child perfume *yikes*  So as I’m sitting her in my too big jeans,  cuteish black tee and old sneakers, I got to wondering what other people wear.  And I rarely bring a purse, just my ID in case I want a drink, and some cash.  Oh and my glasses and ear plugs (man, getting old sucks!)

I’ve learned the hard way to shoot for comfort.  Too many times I’ve worn the wrong shoes and have paid the price.  Hell, half the time it’s about a mile or so hike just from the parking lot – hence the sneaks.  I also typically wear something that I won’t care about if someone spills beer on – hence the old (too big) jeans and the simple tee.

But have you ever noticed that sometimes folks seem to go all out for concerts?  They’ve got on the perfect jeans with their teeter-tottering heels, that adorable, yet pricey top and that jumbo, monster-sized, uber-trendy purse..  Or maybe that’s just the SoCal market – LA and Orange County are like two totally different places on the fashion scale.

So before I head out the door to grab the hubs, I’m curious, what do you where to concerts?

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