I’m a Prisoner in My Own Home!

I hate this waiting.  Just sitting here, not able to leave.  Why?  Well, because I’m expecting a wine shipment.  Knowing my luck, if I leave, I’ll miss the UPS guy and then I’ll just have to wait around yet another day.  Interestingly, my UPS guy is normally here before noon.  And now, well, now it’s nearly 4:00PM.

I guess I should be thankful that we have something for dinner so I won’t have to run out last minute.  Of course, I’m going nuts without the milk.  I’m craving tea like crazy since I can’t have a cuppa of course.  But I can always just walk up to the corner – after the wine gets here – and pick some up.

Onto to something totally unrelated…purses.  I’m currently shuffling back and forth between three and can’t seem to make up my mind as to which one to move into already.  Of course, I really, really want a new purse (some might call it a little bit of an addiction), but I’m doing my best to not go there.  Then again, I’m having issues with just how much some purses cost these days – which is code for I’m lusting after a Cole Haan – and why is a decent patent clutch costing $7oish these days?

So how many purses do you own?  More importantly, how many purses do you actually use?  Do you buy new ones each season or each year?

7 thoughts on “I’m a Prisoner in My Own Home!

  1. Riayn

    I don’t own a single purse.  I have a wallet that fits in the back pocket of my jeans and that is it.  I have never understood the appeal of the purse.  Obviously I was born without the purse genes.

  2. LA Blogger Gal

    It’s okay, I seem to have been born without the shoe gene.  Give me a pair of flip flops over saucy heels any day.

  3. Riayn

    Me too. I own three pairs of shoes and two of those are sneakers.  The other pair is my Doc Martins.  I hate high heels.

  4. LA Blogger Gal

    Riayn – well, I do have some heels (I love, love, love my wedge sandals that are like five years old now).  But yeah, I’m so not a shoe gal.

    E – It’s the perfect summer bag, right?  And you should see it in motion – it’s woven in such a way that it looks like it’s made of waves in motion.  Beautiful I tell ya!

  5. Robin

    I love purses, but don’t like to carry them. I know. That makes no sense. So for me, the smaller, the better. Lightweight. Strap I can put across my chest/over my shoulder. Most of the ones I have are black or brown. But my favorite is a tiny thing with an embroidered purple, blue and green flower on it.

  6. Rebecca

    I’d say I have maybe 4 or 5.  I typically rotate between two: a smaller black cloth one, and a larger brown leather tote that my computer and several books plus half my possessions could fit in.  The other ones only see the light of day randomly, when I’m suddenly stricken with a desire to use them.

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