What I Am Doing VS What I Should Be Doing

What I Am Doing

I’m transferring all my blackberry photos (man some of them really suck) to the memory card so I can add them to flickr.

I’m sitting her (dressed for once – yoga pants still count as being dressed, right?) putzing around reading blogs and other online stuff.

I’m twittering and twittering – basically talking to myself.

I’m waiting for the UPS guy to deliver our wine shipment – of course it was a 9:00am – 5:00pm window.

I’m sitting her shivering just a bit with cold hands because I’m out of milk and don’t feel like herbal tea.

What I Should Be Doing

I should be writing an article on blogging for LWL.

I should be catching up on some business reading so I can prepare for my next workshop.

I should be editing the interview I did months ago so I can get that up on my site.

I should be writing up a slew of interview questions for various authors.

I should be writing up and editing a couple of blog posts for my site.

I should be responding to the emails I have sitting in my inbox waiting for me.

I should be finding a location where I can lead paid workshops.

I should be folding the laundry properly and washing the current batch.

I should be vacuuming – or at least scheduling a cleaning lady.

I should be looking for something to make for dinner tonight and tomorrow (and buying that milk for my tea!)

Well, it looks like there’s more that I should be doing than I currently am doing.  Guess I should get busy then, huh?

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