Bring On The Clients!

I just got back from a beauty, southern Californian outdoor cafe kind of lunch.  I was meeting with Lisa Steadman, of the BreakUp Chronicles (and author of It’s A Break Up, Not a Break Down).  She’s a fellow LWLer and I wanted to catch up with her so that I could interview her for my site later.

Overall, it was a wonderful lunch (well, my salad was a little lame, but the company more than made up for it).  We covered everything from women in business just starting out, the upcoming LWL Live event, service menus, coaching.  You name it.  I have to say, she really gave me the motivation I needed to get focused about turning my free workshops into making some real income.

I’m really pumped to get moving on this business thing.  In fact, I had already schedule my May off from leading the free LWL workshops (though I am still considering doing Santa Barbara ones).  I figured I would take the time to 1) celebrate my birthday ALL.MONTH.LONG of course and 2) focus on learning how to line up some paid workshops.  So this was all perfect timing.

Also, for anyone in the LA area interested in getting some help getting a business going, the good folks at will be leading a free workshop Saturday the 19th in downtown LA.  I’ll be there as well hoping to get some insight.  With luck, I might even be able to swing a speaking engagement out of it.  It could happen.

Okay, enough procrastinating.  I still my article on blogging to finish up.  I just need my closing paragraph and it’s ready to go to the boss lady.  I have to say though, writing a 700ish word article on blogging basics…not so easy when it all depends on certain basic knowledge.  Hopefully it will go over okay.

PS – I really need to purge and merge my categories.  Since merging the two blogs I have far too many duplicate categories and it bugs me.

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