Fun With War Crimes

My friend’s boyfriend has been hard at work creating a video series.  Help it go viral – rate it and favorite it.  Check out their trailer…

Here’s what he has to say about the series…

I’ve created a comedy web series that puts the Bush Administration on trial. It’s called “Fun With War Crimes.” You can view the first trailer for the series on YouTube. I think you will like it…

Fun With War Crimes Trailer

(Or just have people do a search on YouTube for Fun With War Crimes.)

If you’re a YouTube subscriber, rate the video, comment, make it a favorite.

The series launches on May 1st, the 5th anniversary of Bush declaring “Mission Accomplished” in Iraq. We at FWWC are reaching out to like minded people. So pass the link on to as many people as you can, and ask them to do the same. If we do our viral job right, by tomorrow, I will be in an orange jump suit in Guantanamo Bay.

But if you don’t like the trailer. If you think it makes me unpatriotic, a bad American. Please, pass the link on to everyone you think will despise it, too. We’ll take the hate views. (Does anybody know how to get a hold of Bill O’Reilly?)

Other places of Fun With War Crimes interest:

YouTube Subscribers: subscribe to the 8 part series

Our site: (A teaser page. Our full site launches with the series May 1.)


Thanks! And enjoy the trailer.

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