Sometimes Music Videos are Still Good

Even on a slow day, I can have a three-way. I’m so much cooler online…

I’ll listen to pretty much any kind of music. I’m not a fan of hardcore rap or of funkadelic jazz (no matter how many times I see Herbie Hancock live), but otherwise, I’m not too picky. I love 80’s new wave – what can I say, music was fun back then. Day to day (well, first and foremost, LA radio sucks worse than any market I’ve lived in before) I listen to mellow, singer songwriter stuff or country. Considering we don’t have an AAA station out here, that pretty much rules out listening to the singer songwriter, cafe kind of stuff. So country it is.

The other fun thing about country, they still do real videos and actually have channels that play them! Which of course means that those guys now how to have fun with videos like back in the day (man, sometimes I sound old). The latest video that’s cracking me up is Brad Paisley’s Online. It’s got a great all star cast and completely matches the humor in the lyrics. William Shatner cracks me up – is that blond Marcia Brady??

Check it out (sorry it can’t be embeded, it’s put up directly by BP’s people).

4 thoughts on “Sometimes Music Videos are Still Good

  1. Rebecca

    I love country music!  Pretty much all of Brad Paisley’s videos are hysterical… have you seen the one for the “I’m Gonna Miss Her” song?  Sooooo funny.
    And the blond is, in fact, Marcia Brady!

  2. LA Blogger Gal

    I’m going to have the check out the rest of his videos.  I’ll poke around his stuff later this week.

    Yay Marcia Brady!

  3. Dawn

    Brad Paisley sings some really funny songs. Have you heard his newest one yet, “I’m Still a Guy”? I don’t know if the video is out yet, but if it’s not, it promises to be hilarious!

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