Life Lesson – Spa Time

When partaking in spa time, be it a massage or body scrub, or well, anything involving oil or lotion to your body and your feet, be sure not to wear leather insoled flip flops.  My feet hurt worse than when walking at the beach.  No comfortable sand to soften your steps.  I really think the instep of my left foot might be broken.  Is that even possible?

I knew I should have just gone home and relaxed instead of trying to score a bargain at the Macy’s liquidation sale.  It wasn’t even all that great of a sale (though I did pick up one cute top).

Off to the couch to give me precious tootsies a little break.  Oh and after our 95 degree weekend, we’re 85ish today with a high of 65 (!!!!) tomorrow.  No rain, just 65 degrees.  How does one drop 30 degrees in two days without rain???

3 thoughts on “Life Lesson – Spa Time

  1. Robin

    I’ve been loving the hot weather! And I’m not looking forward to the drop in temperature tomorrow! I’ll have to trade in my flip flops for tennis shoes.

  2. Ivanhoe

    Yikes – rest those tootsies! I went from hot Carribean (85-90) to cold Cleveland (37). Brrrrr! Where is my spring? :o)))))

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