Question For My Bookish Friends…

I recently bought a biz book.  I’ve tried reading it, but seriously, it keeps putting me to sleep.  I’m only on page 34 and I’ve tried in earnest, to read this book like 10 times already.  Dull, dull, dull.  Which actually surprised me since I found it to be such an interesting topic during his NPR interview that we headed out to the local bookstore that day to buy it (it was wasn’t yet in stock).

So I’m thinking of returning it.  Since it’s a biz book, I still have the receipt.  It’s not a matter of reading it  and then trying to return it.  I buy (and read) a lot of books, so I’ll more than likely be making an exchange right then and there.  But I wonder, have any of you you ever returned a book that turns out just wasn’t for you?

3 thoughts on “Question For My Bookish Friends…

  1. Geggie

    I have never returned a book.  I suppose I would, but I always figure that I’ll get around to reading it.  Which book is it, by the way?  (So I don’t buy it!)

  2. LA Blogger Gal

    It’s called Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations by Clay Shirky.  Fascinating topic, especially for those dealing with social media.  Really, the NPR thing was great.  But I just can’t get in to it.  Seriously, the binding still cracks when you even open either cover.  I doubt I’ll have a problem returning or exchanging it.

  3. Ivanhoe

    I have never returned a book to a store either. But if I borrow something from a library that does not appeal to me after 20-30 pages, I return it un-read :o) That happened probably a couple of times. Have a great weekend!

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