Is There Such a Thing As Too Much Wine?

Too Much Wine?

I only ask because, well, as I finally got around to cleaning out the office, I realized that we have 64 bottles in the rack there, three more cases (18 if you’re keeping count) and the four more I just put in the fridge.  And well, I could be wrong, but damn that sure seems like a LOT of wine.  Make that a lot of RED wine since nearly everything in the rack is red.

I can dump a couple of bottles tomorrow at a friend’s “bring a bottle” birthday party.  But um, I’m kind of concerned since we’re heading up to Sonoma over Memorial Day weekend.  It’s hard to taste and not buy.  If only I had some housewarmings in my future!

I think the goal tonight is to find restaurant that does BYOB 😉

5 thoughts on “Is There Such a Thing As Too Much Wine?

  1. LA Blogger Gal

    I’d be more than willing to share if you lived closer. Hell, I’d even pass along two bottles while singing Happy Birthday!

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