He Did It!!

Yay for my little guy! He passed his interview. Personally, I think he wowed the behavior gal by loving her to death. He can be charming like that. From what I saw on the webcam he seemed to do okay with the other dogs. We’re going to drop him off for daycare for a couple of hours later this week to make sure he gets more comfortable with being around that many dogs.

I did learn that on a webcam, well, he looks just like every other small black dog. I only knew it was him because all the other dogs were swarmed about him and the behavior lady was right there next to him. So I guess when we leave him, we’ll leave him with a bandanna so we’ll be able to recognize him quickly.

Even that little time he was there must have tired him out some. He’s been lounging about all day. More than usual. So I’m sure if he’s comfortable and playing, he’ll be even more tuckered. And this is good to know.

So once we get back from our vacations, he can look like this…

How Much is that Doggie in the Mirror

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