It’s Been Four Years

I have mere minutes left in this day to tell you that four years ago today my adorable, photographer, workaholic husband agreed to stand before our friends and family and make it official.  And man, what a party!  If I knew you all a little better (ha!) 😉 I’d even share the pictures from our shindig so you’d feel like you were there too (it’s a shame what what a little stalking can do to a gal *sigh*)

The funny thing, all of us, the hubs, me, our friends, all swear it’s really our fifth anniversary.  But I double checked the marriage certificate, just to be sure and nope…four years.

We stayed in for the night, nothing too crazy fancy.  I tired my hand at braised short ribs.  They were kick ass flavorful, but not nearly as tender as I was expecting considering they cooked for nearly 3 hours.  But oh well, the salad and the fixin’s were good.  And the wine…the wine was wonderful.

We didn’t really do the gifts thing.  He brought me some beautiful lilies and I picked him up the Godfather set, but nothing fancy.  And certainly nothing 4th anniversary-ish – we’ve yet to do those official anniversary gifts.  I guess we’re just goofy like that.

Happy Anniversary to Me!!  Well, to Us – but he doesn’t read this, so I guess just Me, really 😀

3 thoughts on “It’s Been Four Years

  1. Ivanhoe

    Happy Anniversary to YOU and your hubby! We don’t plan to do any of the “crazy” anniversary giving either. Heck, we did not even give each other a X-mas or BD gift this year (it my be though because of saving every penny for the wedding ;o) And it was worth it. Congrats again!

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