Life Lesson: A Shopping Bag Mishap

I’ve often wondered just how difficult it is to put items in a bag. You know, sometimes the baggers put the gallon of milk and the bread in the same bag. Or only put one item per bag. Or stack everything on your eggs. You get the idea.

Today I ran out to Costco to pick up some basics like vitamins and razor blades. While there I figured I’ll pick up a spinach salad for dinner. I went in with my own cloth bag to make things easier. Or so I thought it would be.

I watched the guy try to put all the boxes in the bag before the smaller stuff. You know, ‘cuz boxes you can hold pretty easily, but five small bottles of vitamins might not be quite so easy to hold onto. So I asked that he put the smaller items in first and not to worry about the boxes of cereals and Fiber One bars. He looked at me like I was speaking Greek. I should have just taken over the bagging then and there.

I mean me, I would have put the salad in first – one, it’s large and about the width of the bag itself and two, it’s nice and flat. But no, he decided that the salad should just be squeezed in, in between the boxes – making not only a tight, uneven bag (since he went away from the width and put things in sideways), but plenty of space in the bottom with all the vitamin bottles jangling about. Whatever, I headed out the door.

I come home and pull up the salad to put in the fridge and BLAMMO! salad explodes all over the counter, the bag and the floor. One of the dressing also popped open and exploded on the floor. My dog is having a field day eating the bacon bits and the cheese. Me, I’m cursing up a storm.

Luckily, between the Dyson and the dog, things are cleaned up. But I have to say, I’m pissed! One, that was our dinner and now, well, the dog has eaten about half of it (minus the spinach itself of course). And two, it cost me $9! I guess we’ll behaving either sandwiches or soup with our salad tonight.


The lesson here…pack your own bags. Especially if you bring your own bags with you – that “my bag is larger and sturdier and can carry more than your plastic sack” concept just seems to throw those baggers for a loop.

5 thoughts on “Life Lesson: A Shopping Bag Mishap

  1. Ivanhoe

    Oh boy! We usually end up packing our stuff at the store here anyway. They never have enough “packers”. I guess it’s a good thing… :o) At least the doggie is fed for today :o)

  2. that girl

    Costco stresses me out.  Then you get home and have all of the boxes they gave you w/groceries in them and you feel like you should repurpose the boxes… but you don’t, so they sit in the garage collecting cat hair.  As I said, very stressful.

  3. LA Blogger Gal

    that girl – I think that’s exactly the reason why I now bring my own bags.  I’m sick of the boxes lying about.  And it doesn’t help that my cat claims them as his and won’t let me take them away.  As a matter of fact, his current box is from the Costco case of water *sigh*


    Ivanhoe – too bad he basically threw it all up mere minutes later.  Must’ve been all that barking at the vacuum.

    Robin – I know.  Which is why I tend to bag my own stuff these days.

    Mrs. Mogul – recycled bags are good!  Just make sure your bagger knows what to do with them.

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