Looking For Advice From Those More Experienced

The other day, I was asked to speak on my area of expertise for a DVD that will be handed out at upcoming networking and training events.  I’m not so much worried about what I have to say (though I am hoping I can do so without a plethora of “ums” and sound confident – you’d think that years of being a DJ and teacher I could at least talk clearly and professionally, right?).  Right now, I’m more concerned with what to wear on Tuesday.

It’s going to be conducted in front of a green screen – so blues, greens and aquas are out.  I think I’ve heard once that you shouldn’t wear prints.  But other than that, I’m at a loss.   Should I go more “professional” or will I do fine with a classic look of jeans and a tee?  Or maybe a nice blouse or cardigan set? Should I wear black and call it a day (we all know that I have tons of black) or should a wear a color that I know flatters?  Pants or skirt or just screw it and go with a dress?

HELP!!! I’m really a bit out of my element here. Anyone with more experience with this have any ideas???

Then I had some great news again yesterday.  I was invited to take part in an online radio talk show.  This is kind of cool.  I need a decent, professional-like photo for this.  The hubs can easily take and edit the photo, but I don’t really know, again, what I should be wearing or where we should take it.  I need to do this today since they want it up on their site prior to the June 9th show.  FWIW, we have Griffith Park nearby, so an outdoor shot is easily doable, but it’s hazy and overcast and we don’t have any lighting tools.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Looking For Advice From Those More Experienced

  1. Rachael (caffeinatedelf)

    I filmed a budgeting seminar once, and it was against a green background as well.  I wore dark brown, which seemed to go very well and not clash, and it was business casual: slacks with a solid-color shirt and the blazer was cotton.
    I hope we get to peek at the DVD when it’s done?  🙂  (Never commented before, but I follow you on Twitter, so I figured I should start keeping up with you, lol.)

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