Moving Right Along

I can’t believe how well things are starting to fall into place.  I honestly do see now that many times, it really is as simple as just asking.  It’s even better when the Universe works with you 😉

I’ve got my headshot.  The hubs and I went out to the local park yesterday and took a few pictures.  My friend’s narrowed it down to two photos out of the bunch.  Today I cropped them down and asked my friends to pick which one to use.  So mark that task with a check!

My girl friend and I hit the mall for a whirlwind shopping trip for tomorrow’s video taping.  I came home with one pink and four black shirts.  I really feel most comfortable in the pink one, but I keep thinking that black would be the better option.  So I still need to try those on today for a final decision (I need to be in Venice tomorrow by noon).  Of course, the husband won’t really be much help since to him it will just be one pink and four, identical black shirts.  Men!  Times like this, I crazy miss my former roommate – then again, with a roommate, I might not have needed to buy something new thanks to the law of borrowing.

This morning, I chatted with a cookbook author hoping to convince her to become the food and entertainment expert on my site.  As she puts it, she’s definitely “intrigued” and that’s a good start.  I think after BlogHer, I’m going to focus on redesigning the site.  I’m ready for it to take on more of a magazine like look.

Wednesday I’m interview the two gals behind the book, The Boss of You.  My review (and giveaway) copy just got here about an hour ago.  I can’t wait to start reading it.  Believe it or not, this is a book that I’ve anxiously been awaiting publication of (and then forgot about until I saw the gals’ blog tour).  Once I was reminded of the book, I wasted NO time in contacting the publicist.  I’m that excited.

This will also be my first interview that I’ll be conducting via Skype.  So I have to work today on setting up my account and downloading the appropriate recording software.  I’ve used Skype for skype-to-skype calls before, but never as an actual phone line.  It should be interesting.  Of course, I’ll also need to decide if I want to transcribe the interview or edit it for an audio/podcast thingie.  Mind you, I still have Liza’s audio that I need to edit (ASAP dammit, that interview was nearly 6 months ago!!)

So now, I think it’s time for me to step away from the computer a bit and get busy.  I’ve got a lot to get done over the next couple of days (including getting my new website up and writing some giveaway materials…yikes!)

Happy Monday y’all!

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