The Best of Intentions

Well, I woke with the best of intentions today. Unfortunately, that seemed to have included a brief little freak out session. You see, I still don’t have a logo just yet. My friend that was making it for me got caught up in other stuff and well, it looked like we were this close to running out of time. Lucky for me, setting some intentions this morning and going with the flow, it’s all working out.

I found another recommended online printing company that has a different printing schedule, a lower price for two sided post cards and is not only local (and allows me to pick up personally thus saving both time and money on shipping), but also has templates if I needed to go that route. The logos are looking so good though that I’m thinking I won’t be using a template. I might still need to tweak things a bit after LWL LIVE event on the 31st, but we’ve got time for that.

Next bit of drama…I realized that I never got around to adjusting my site’s logo for the video interview I did last week. I pulled up the file, but dammit if I couldn’t unlock the layers to get rid of all the unnecessary crap (why I didn’t have a pure, crapless version I have no idea – needless to say, I do now). Luckily, thanks to the Twitter World, I was able to post my plea and Rachael over at came to my rescue. Crisis #2 averted!

Then it was on to my main plan for the day…to finally get my interview with Liza edited so I could get that up already. Poor gal, it’s taken me nearly six months to get on it since I kept putting it off. It’s a shame too because not only is the book great, but it’s a great interview as well.

I’m thinking now of editing two versions. One for the site, and a longer, less edited one for my own blog. I know it’s more work (kind of funny that I’m even considering it since I don’t seem to be much of a fan of the editing process), but I’d hate to see some good stuff get cut just so I could make it shorter and easier to listen to.

I had also planned to edit the Lauren & Emira interview from last week as well. Thing is, I just now finally sat down to start the editing and well, dammit if I didn’t completely forget how to use the damn software. So I’ll just have to have my husband walk me through it again (he’ll probably have me use Garage Band instead of Soundtrack Pro – which is probably why I don’t remember how to use Soundtrack Pro). So we all know what I’ll be doing tomorrow.

So yeah, we all know what they say about that road and those intentions…

PS – I just googled my name for the hell of it and lo’ and behold, the article I wrote for the LWL magazine was published this month. Nothing like finding out when the month is half over. Yeah, I’m that behind on my biz & blog reading.

2 thoughts on “The Best of Intentions

  1. Rachael

    Hey, you’re welcome again. I’ve been angry with files that won’t cooperate before – can’t let other people have trouble too!
    I’m looking forward to your interview, whichever way you edit it. 🙂

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