Breakfast is For the Birds

Just now I was in the other room kissing the hubs good-bye as he heads off to work.  There was this god-awful squawking going on and I noticed the cat was paying close attention to something outside the window.  Turns out there was a baby bird in the flower bed squawking for his mama to bring him some food.

I noticed that she was feeding him some peanut shell (our crazy, bird-feeding neighbor across the way feeds buckets of peanuts to the local pigeons – and now the local area ducks – a couple times a day).  Figuring that peanut shell can’t be all too tasty, I ripped up half a slice of bread and quietly threw it out the door.

Of course, then five other small black birds came flying over to join the mama and her baby for some breakfast of ripped up bread.  Though I do wonder if it’s breakfast for them since they’ve likely been up for hours upon hours by now. I decided then and there that I was going to write this up since it was such a sweet thing, but I needed a photo so that the sweetness would just burst your little heart.  But um…I couldn’t find my camera.

This of course, is not good news (though secretly, deep inside it’s better than good news, it’s great news!).  I looked and I looked, and it was no where to be found.  It must have fallen out of my purse during the wine tasting trip.  Uh Oh!  Not cool since we go out of town this weekend and of course a gal needs her camera when going out of town.

I figured it was easier to break the news to the hubs now, so I had enough time to head over to Costco to pick up a new(er, smaller, sleeker, cooler – so exciting!) camera.  While I’m breaking the news to the hubs, I notice a black thingie under the coffee table.  Yep, my camera. *sigh* I mean Yay!

No new camera for me.  And sadly, no pictures of the mama and the baby bird as they’re no longer in front of our window.  Though I still here the baby squawking somewhere next door and there is still some bread crumbs in the front.  Maybe those peanut shells do taste better if you’re a little black bird.

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