I Guess I Should Post Something Already

I figured that this weekend I was just going to embrace the whole three-day-weekend mentality.  Needless to say, I’ve not done a whole lot of anything since returning home (I’ll write a Sonoma update tomorrow, though truth be told, not all too much happened).

Both yesterday and today I did a little bit of shopping.  While there are some great sales out there this weekend, nothing really grabbed me but a couple of basic tees from Eddie Bauer. At least today I got to hang with a girlfriend while she shopped.  Either way, crazy crowds reminding me why I usually do my shopping during the week.

On to the random thoughts:

* the pup has been doing nothing more than just lying about.  I guess a couple of days at doggie sleepaway camp is some exhausting stuff.

* the cat hasn’t been doing much more than the pup, except in his case, he’s all about the snuggling.

* weather has been crazy.  We went from cold and rainy in Northern Cali, to cold and gloomy here in LA.  We had to use the heat yesterday it was so cold!  This, after 95+ days just last week!  What the hell?!?!

* I’m looking for some book suggestions.  I’ve been pretty focused on reading business books lately, but right about now, I want something good and devourable.  You know, something to get lost in for a day or two.  Extra credit if I can get it at the library (though I do have some B&N money from a b’day gift I can cash in).  I’m also looking for another book to get me through the cross-country flight and back next weekend.  Any suggestions?

* I seem to be PMSy and coming down with something.  I noticed last night that my throat seems to be hurting.  I’m afraid it’s a post-nasal thing, in which case, with my past experiences, might turn into a sinus infection (if not yet, but the time we fly back from NJ next weekend).  PMS and chocolate cravings don’t miss so well with the sore throat.  Of course, that’s not stopping me 😉

Okay, off to snuggle with my boys.  I’ll share some photos (barely took any) and some trip recaps tomorrow.

PS – Julianne Hough’s CD isn’t all that bad – in fact, it’s better than I had expected.  How funny that I can just see some of her DWTS moves to the music.

2 thoughts on “I Guess I Should Post Something Already

  1. Robin

    I just read Drving Sideways by Jess Riley and it’s terrific. I think you’d really like it! It’s her debut novel so I don’t think it’ll be at the library, but it’s worth every penny!

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