Settling In in Petaluma

It’s official, our long day is finally coming to a close.  I feel like I had a gazillion errands to run today before even leaving to pick up the hubs for the airport.  But here we are.  Mind you, we called the hotel on the way to the airport to confirm the reservation (as we’re “with the band”) and there was no rez to be found.  Our friend fixed that up by the time we got here.

So thanks to our “band” status and our Starwood membership we’re in the “preferred guest” floor.  That of course means a fridge in the room – for our wine, no doubt – and our free bottle of water.  I believe there’s also the breakfast and happy hour sort of stuff, but I doubt we’ll be up or around for any of that.  Oooh and Bliss bath products…mandarin mint.  Yummy!

Since we have the world’s smallest bathtub at home, I rarely get to indulge in baths.  So you better believe that I packed some fun treats – salts, bubbles and bombs – and ran the bath as soon as we walked in the door!  My husband of course just rolls his eyes and gets online.  Go figure.

So while I was soaking in my hot, hot, nice and deep tub, the hubs thought it would be the perfect time to run to 7-11 to stock up on sodas and whatnot.  I’m telling myself that there’s no need to be offended that he decided to walk out on me  – LOL.

So tomorrow we have some wine tasting (of course!), band rehearsal, maybe a little shopping if I can swing it  (there’s both a Coach and a Lane Bryant outlet here), and visit to one of our favorite restaurants.  Should be a fun day (assuming rehearsal doesn’t go too long).  If so, then I guess I won’t be sitting in the audience for the show, I’ll be backstage drinking the wine instead 😉  The hubs will be shooting, of course.

Okay, time to get off the computer.  I told myself that I wouldn’t check emails or answer calls from unknown numbers (even managed to put vacation notices on both the email & the cell).  More than likely, I won’t be posting again until Sunday.

Have a great weekend!!

PS – old photo from our last visit out this way since 1) it was already dark when we got here and 2) no computer to upload my photos (only the hub’s ‘puter)

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