Well, Hell! I Guess I Saw it Coming

Well, it seems it’s official. I did indeed (seem to) get myself yet another damn sinus infection. I’m just going to have to suffer through it though since I have to fly again next Thursday. I figure I’ll wait to see the doctor (my wonderful doctor) next week so I’ll be ON the meds when I fly again. Hopefully this will mean I will keep things manageable instead of making things worse. And yes, I will be asking my doc for a recommendation to an ENT since this just seems to be getting out of control.

I guess I’ll try to take a short (super short) nap before heading out to the Kenny Chesney show tonight. I’m not a big KC fan, but Leann Rimes is opening and I kind of like her. Plus, the tix were free! And how am I to turn down a free concert. Even with crappy, nosebleed seats 😉

So I wonder how much Sudafed is too much Sudafed?

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