Oh Noz!!! My Television!!!

It appears that our DVR might be shot to hell (or at least seemingly on it’s last leg). We came home from the concert last night, thought we’d watch a little TV and blamo, nothing but a black screen. On every channel. Well, every channel except the TV Guide channel. So obviously, something still works.

I figured I’d test out the recordings. I see that there was a new Men in Trees. Woohoo! Or well, it would be WooHoo, only the DVR seems to have recorded two full hours of you guessed it, blackness and no sound. You can fast forward through it and all.

I went back to an older recordings that I knew were there. Nope, blackness. Well, kinda. Half the time, the buttons on the remote didn’t even seem to do anything (but yet still lit up, so I knew there was juice).

Leave it to the hubs…he fixed it! He turned off the whole power strip for a bit and restarted everything. Now we have our recordings (including Men in Trees) and TV. Oh happy day! I mean now we can get the Lost finale tomorrow. Whew, that was a close one.

Reality just hit too…turns out today is Thursday, not Friday. Guess I won’t be see SATC today after all. I might also have to hold off on the acupuncture until Friday since the gal I went to last time is only there Mon, Wed & Friday. But some good news, I have plenty of time to do the laundry, get my brows done and do my last minute prep stuff for Saturday’s LWL event. Whew again.

2 thoughts on “Oh Noz!!! My Television!!!

  1. Dawn

    Every once in a while my DVR does the same thing. A quick reboot seems to do the trick. Hopefully that will work for yours too! I don’t get to see the S&TC movie til June 14. ::sigh:: And did you hear that they did not pick up Men In Trees for next season? =(

  2. LA Blogger Gal

    Dawn – I’m hoping it’s that simple.  We’re not interested in buying yet another DVR just yet.

    I’m so not surprised that they didn’t pick up MIT.  They screwed that show something fierce when they kept changing it’s timeslot and and missing whole weeks (even months) instead of playing it straight as a season.  Helll, we didn’t even get last season’s finale until this season’s (very, very delayed) premiere.  Talk about lame.

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