Busy Little Sinus-y Bee

So this Saturday, I have the LWL LIVE event here in LA. I’m so excited. I can’t wait to be motivated and inspired by all the great and successful women. I can’t wait to shop and visit with all the cool vendors. And while I might be a tad bit nervous, I also can’t wait for my time as an “expert” (or as they’re known in the LWL group…MILLIE).

After running some errands – super, killer brows for me and new shirt & tie for the wedding for the hubs – I basically came home and crashed. I was tossing and turning all last night, so I didn’t get all too much sleep. Needless to say, once I woke up, I felt worse than when I laid down. My eyes hurt, my head was congested and I couldn’t stop sneezing. Two Tylenols and a Sudafed and I’m doing MUCH better thanks.

Finally able to focus on some work.  I made my flier to stand on my table to identify me amongst all the other experts.  I made my giveaway sign to go on my bag so that I can have some follow up with the folks I meet and collect emails for my upcoming newsletters (I’m giving away one of my one-on-one coaching and blogging packages).  Tomorrow I just need to head out to Staples to print them up on a color copier (ours is set to black & white only and well, not exactly super compatible with Leopard so I don’t want to mess with anything – need to look into that and see if they’ve upgraded yet).

Which basically just leaves figuring out what to wear (so glad I’m not alone in this Carrie) and packing up all my stuff.  I’m riding in with a friend of mine (KLEAN Bath & Body) and since she’ll be selling, I’ll be getting up at the crazy ass, crack of dawn.  Seriously, I’ll be meeting her at 6:45ish!!! Dude, that’s mere hours after I go to bed!!!  I’ll work on that.  Should be a long day, but a fun day!

On that note, I have 20 or so minutes to cook dinner and settle down for Lost.  Notice the hubs is not yet home…grrr!  Oh and did I mention that the little guy has puppy dog pink eye?  Poor thing, no wonder he’s been miserable these past couple of days and always wanting us to run his face, ears and well, head.  Pink eye burns like a MoFo.  He has to get drops for the next week.  But he already looks (and is acting) so much better just since the drops the doc put in.

Okay, I’m off.  Happy Lost night!  Oh yeah, did you notice my new blog design?  I got bored and well, just grabbed a new one.  Eventually, I’m going to learn how to at least make some cool headers.  Someday.  You know, when I find the time….

2 thoughts on “Busy Little Sinus-y Bee

  1. Ivanhoe

    I looooove your new header! Have you ever got tested for allergies? That maybe what you have since the sinuses are bothering you so often… Have a great weekend!

  2. LA Blogger Gal

    Thanks Ivanhoe! I wish I could say that I took the photo, but I didn’t. It came with the design. But it is very beachy so it fits my LA/SoCal sort of title.

    I never got tested for allergies. In fact, I never HAD allergies until I moved here six years ago. I’d have a slight reaction on those heavy, heavy pollen days in GA (who wouldn’t, you could SEE the actual pollen!) and on purple sage back in NM when it was in season (again, te common one that would pretty much affect everyone). But nothing like I have now.

    It looks like I’ve gotten this one under control. I’ll see an acupuncturist later today (after SATC!!) to get my through the weekend and then I’ll probably see my doctor right before I leave or if I’m still good, once I get back. I’ll ask for a referral to an ENT then to get checked out. I mean this is way too crazy to get an infection EVERY time I fly (or so it seems).

    Have a fun weekend!

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