How Very Odd

I’ve noticed that my blog views are quite light on the weekends. I can’t blame anyone, so I never really worried about it all too much. I’ve also noticed that lately, my most recent posts aren’t showing up in my stats as even having been read in a timely manner. Again, no biggie. I mean it’s summer, people have lives. Hell, I have a life and don’t always get around to reading (or commenting on) my favorite blogs.

But the most perplexing element is that my reader doesn’t seem to be picking up my posts in a timely manner. Which of course, might explain the above phenomena a bit. But I don’t get the why of it.

I wrote two posts today (Saturday – though technically, it’s now Sunday), one in the lateish morning before heading out for the day and the other later in the afternoon. They both showed up in my actual blog when I looked at it, but according to my Google Reader they just now showed up as being written just an hour ago. Now, a mere hour before the day was to end! Now that’s just odd.

I checked my blog’s clock…it’s accurate. I checked the posts, they say they were posted when I posted them. So why are they taking so long to show up in the readers? When I met with SurferGrrl a couple weekends ago, she asked why I hadn’t been posting. I looked confused (I was confused) and told her that I was pretty much posting daily. Turns out, her reader hasn’t been updating her either (and she’s not with Google).

So what’s up with that and how can we fix it? Anything I might could look into on my end? Well, anything that I haven’t already looked into and might have missed? ‘Cuz let me say, this all seems to be quite frustrating if you ask me.

PS – Sadly, it appears that the mighty Google was no help to me when it came to looking for answers with this particular challenge…

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