Universal Back Lot: A Sad Day in Hollywood History

Universal Studios Fire @ Barham & Forest Lawn

The Universal Studio backlot is on fire. It started around 6:00AM this morning. Fire fighters were called in from all round. This must’ve been what woke the dog up this morning around 7:30. The low water pressure and ancient sets is making for a bit of a hot burn.

For the most part, the New England, New York and King Kong street scenes are gone and will need to be rebuilt. According to the LA Times, the fire destroyed “a soundstage and several sets, including the Courthouse Square seen in “Back to the Future” and the New York streetscape from the 1987 “Dragnet” film and “Bruce Almighty,” as well as structures used in the theme park’s King Kong attraction.”

It seems to have only affected the current Ghost Whisperer lot directly – must be that New England set.

4 thoughts on “Universal Back Lot: A Sad Day in Hollywood History

  1. Phil

    I’m Phil, and I popped over via Greeblemonkey. Nice to see another LA blogger!

    I was really sad to hear this, and it smelled terrible outside all day yesterday. I haven’t gotten to experience Universal Studios yet (I’ve only been in LA since January), so I was really bummed when this happened.

  2. Dawn

    Nooo!! I heard about the fire but not the Ghost Whisperer bit. What is with the hex on all my favorite shows?!

  3. LA Blogger Gal

    Hi Phil, thanks for stopped by. We lucked out and the wind wasn’t blowing our way – thank God or my sinuses and allergies would have been even worse still. I heard the following day they incorporated the wreckage into the backlot tour and let folks take pictures (might need to check out Flickr).

    Dawn, I watch Ghost Whisperer too.  I’m assuming it was the “town” set that got destroyed since I believe that’s part of their New England set.

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