They Say You Can Never Go Home

Well, it’s that time. We leave within the hour. I told myself when I left years ago (back in ’89) that I’d never go back. Well, not exactly never, but only go back 1) if someone died and I needed to be there or 2) when my friend Matt got married and he’s the lucky bridegroom and reason for this trip this weekend!!

I have to say though, I’m getting a bit excited. Maybe it’s watching all that House which supposedly takes place in Princeton (home of my very first job!). Or maybe I’m just finally ready. Either way, look out Jersey, and my long lost, Jersey accent…’cuz you’se guys, I’m comin’ home!

Here’s hoping I won’t get too lost and thrown for a loop.

See you Tuesday (unless I get to steal some computer time from the hubs)…

3 thoughts on “They Say You Can Never Go Home

  1. Miss Attitude

    Have a great trip!  I can’t wait to read all about what you’se guys did there:)  I’m heading home to Ocean City, MD in a few weeks so I’m going “Down the ocean Hon!”

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