NJ History: I’m Just Slightly Appalled

I need to be quick (and let me preface by saying that I’ve been enjoying a glass or two of wine), so here goes…

The school teacher in me (specifically, the 4th grade, history teacher in me) is absolutely appalled that I ended up with a guy that just doesn’t seem to care that he’s walking by a building where our first President has slept.  Or that he’s walking about Princeton with the very buildings were our Continental Congress, well, congressed and declared Princeton the Capital the United States in the early days of our country’s history.

Hello?!?!?  We were stand right there, looking at Nassau Hall (pictures once I get home), the very location where all of this went down.  What the hell?!?!

Nothing.  Not even mentioning battlefields as we passed by.  Nothing at all.  Seriously, how could I have married this man???  Damn good thing I love him to pieces, I’d guess.  And let’s not even mention that he just doesn’t get the food that I’ve been craving since we arrived.  Diners!!  Need I say more?

3 thoughts on “NJ History: I’m Just Slightly Appalled

  1. Phil

    My history mecca would probably be Latin America. I’m a huge anthropology buff (I nearly majored in it), so once I get to go visit all my favorite ancient civilizations, I’ll be able to die happy.

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