The Crazy Shit That is My Life

Let’s see, where do I start.  This is going to sound a tad disjointed, but bear with me.  You see, I’ve been taking more and more steps towards being more green.  As part of that movement, I’ve switched to more natural deodorants – no, don’t worry, this won’t be about stinky arm pits.

My favorite deodorants are from the LUSH line.  They not only smell great, they work and well, they’re natural (or at least more natural and aluminum-free).  Only problem, they also get a bit crumbly.  So as you’re wiping the pits, pieces crumble off and onto the floor.

I also feel the need to remind you that it’s been HOT out here lately.  And you’ve heard me mention it before (and will probably here me mention it again and again to come), we don’t have central air.  We do have a window/wall unit, but really, it only makes the living room cooler.  The rest of the apartment remains mere degrees cooler than the outside.  And well, when it’s 95+ outside and 85+ inside, it makes household chores a bit daunting.

Needless to say, I have vacuumed the carpets since before we left our on vacation a couple weeks back.  It’s on the list of things to do, but really, I have to wake up early (as does the hubs – therein lies my challenge) to beat the heat and well, that hasn’t happened just yet.

Bear with me here, I’m getting to the point of my story…

So this morning, I was getting dressed and putting on my shorts, when something got into my eye.  Apparently, I must’ve flicked a deodorant crumb up into my eye as I raised my foot to get into the leg of the shorts.  Don’t ask, I’ve no idea how I’d be able to do that.  Thing is, I did.

I got the fleck out.  I’ve washed my eye again and again.  But you know, my right eye is still tearing up (it’s now about over four hours later!) and well, it still burns and itches a bit.  I guess I probably scratched my eye a bit.  It’s not enough to go to the doctor though.  Hell, if I poke around, we probably have eyedrops left over from the last time the hubs scratched his eye in his sleep.

Oh well, shit happens.  And of course it’s the crazy sort of shit that seems to happen to me with some annoying frequency.

Here’s hoping you’ve had a better day thus far!

5 thoughts on “The Crazy Shit That is My Life

  1. LA Blogger Gal

    well, now that I’ve cried all the way through P.S. I Love You it feels much better.  Okay, a little better anyway.

  2. LA Blogger Gal

    well, now that I've cried all the way through P.S. I Love You it feels much better.  Okay, a little better anyway.

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