Young Woman No More

I was looking into joining the Young Women Social Entrepreneurs group.  I figured hey, I’m a young woman, I’m social and well, lookey that, I’m also an entrepreneur.  So I started poking around the site to learn about the LA chapter.  Seems like they do some fun local stuff.  Sounds great.

Then I click over to the membership page.  Turns out it’s only for gals in the their 20’s and 30’s.  While I am still a gal in my 30’s, let’s just say that I won’t be for much longer.  What a sad way to realize that you’re getting older.  I’m aging out of a networking group.  So sad.

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    Have you looked into American Business WOmen’s Association?  they have a great local chapter that my sister has belonged to for quite a while, they are looking for younger women to freshen it up and keep it going.  She always referred to it as the “Grown up Girl Scouts”.

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