Where Oh Where Can it Be?

Today is the day that CA (and WA I hear) go mandatory hands-free.  No worries, I almost always (9/10x) use an ear bud while I’m driving.  Since phones keep getting smaller and smaller, there’s just no way to talk on them comfortably without being hands-free in my opinion. So I’m perfectly fine with this law.

What I’m not perfectly fine with is the fact that I can’t seem to find my Jawbone that I got a while back.  I found one in a parking lot once and figuring that there was no way I’d be able to track down an owner, I let them know inside that I found it and left my contact info.  Needless to say, it’s mine now.  I just needed to buy a charger, which I did.

I was still messing with it and hadn’t yet gotten around to syncing it to my phone.  Well, it was on the list of things to get to anyway.  I had it charged any everything.  I thought it was sitting on my desktop, but now I can’t seem to find it.  It’s clearly no where on my desk at all.

Thing is, I seem to be misplacing quite a few things lately. First the Jawbone and charger.  Then, after my trip to Jersey, I can’t seem to find the inside of my dress (basically a slip, to the more chiffon-like outside of the dress).  It was accidently dropped in the dry cleaning pile, so the last I saw of it was in my car where I left it on the seat to take back inside. Now, it appears to be missing.

A few other things have gone missing as well (though for the life of me, right at this moment, I can’t think of one thing).  So either something is in the air, or one or both of my boys have managed to stockpile my stuff for their own, four-legged enjoyment.  Or we have a ghost – it could be the peanut butter eating one from my childhood.  Maybe.

All I know is that I want my stuff back.  So if anyone has a way to conjure lost or misplaced things, please share the love.  Please.

And now I must go take allergy meds so my eyes will stop this god awful tearing and weaping.  I can barely see straight. Hey, maybe that’s why I can’t seem to find my stuff!

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