And Now a Yay! Moment

One of my good friends from Spain just called!!!  We used to teach together back in Atlanta.  The year before I moved away, she got into the teaching abroad program.  Since then, I’ve moved twice and she’s lived and taught in three countries – Turkey, Peru and now Spain.

I’ve been lucky enough to visit her a time or two when she’s come back stateside for visits, but she’s never been able to visit me.  Now that I’m in CA and her sister is in northern CA I think we’ll finally be able to visit!!!  I’m so excited.  Especially since I’ll be going to Ireland in November and we wouldn’t be able to meet up that visit.

So we need to decide if she’ll come here to LA and the hubs and I will show her and her boyfriend around.  Or…if we want to meet mid-way-ish and head out to the Santa Ynez or Paso Robles wine country.  Not so sure.  Either way, I’m just so happy!!

On that note, I hope that everyone has a happy and safe holiday weekend!

2 thoughts on “And Now a Yay! Moment

  1. Robin

    Happy July 4th! Have a great day and wonderful weekend! And no matter where you meet up with your friend, it sounds like it will be special!

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