I Smell Smoke!

Yes, it’s nearly 1:30 in the morning and I’ve just sent my husband outside to see if he can find any fires.  I walked around the building with him, but nothing going on.  You can definitely smell the smoke from the street though.  Thing is, you can’t really tell if it’s haze/fog/smog/whatever around the streetlights or smoke.

So he thought that you know, since he’s wide awake after drinking a diet Coke after 8:00PM, that he’d take the pupster and walk up to the corner to make sure all is well.  You see, we have a park kind of behind our street and then over the freeway, we have the massive Griffith Park.  In fact, last May, we had some major fires in Griffith Park that got a little close to home. So it can be some pretty scary shit.

Okay, he just now got home…all is well in the ‘hood.  Whew.

3 thoughts on “I Smell Smoke!

  1. Phil

    I was really worried about fires starting last night too. It was started from living in Albuquerque and having fires start every year by people doing illegal fireworks, and since there’s all the fires here at the moment, I was twice as concerned. Oy.

    Phils last blog post..Holidays are all about festive shirts.

  2. surfergrrl

    how bad is it that i live in la and have not been paying attention to this? I’m a bad citizen! 🙂 

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