Time To Look For a New Home (I Think)

Our landlords seem to have officially crossed over into the you’ve got to be kidding me stage.

For the most part, we love our apartment.  It’s in a great part of town, somewhat quiet but super easy access to everything including freeways.  Our only major complaint was that it’s lacking central heating and air and as such, we can’t use our (crappy) kitchen from April – October or the inside temps will rise to 90+.  Even with our AC unit on, our living room (and only the living room) cools off to a whopping 84 inside (which is chilly compared to the 100+ outside temps we get).  But well, let’s face it, that’s pretty damn miserable.

I’ve not talked about this much since well, things have improved, but for our first 3 or so years, our life here was just a tad hellish.  You see, our landlord’s 90+ year old mother lives nextdoor and well, she insisted that 1) we weren’t allowed to many ANY noise past 9:00PM or she’d rant and RAGE to her daughter and 2) she swore she could hear us at all hours of the night (while were were sound asleep, mind you) typing, yes, I said TYPING on our computers and would bang on the common wall with a 2×4 at all hours of the day and night.  Thanks to much tolerance and a willingness to make things work on our part (you’ve no idea the concessions we’ve made here), lots of prayer & affirmations, and well, the old lady finally getting on some decent drugs, things have improved.  Though the woman still hates us the heat of seven burning suns.

After six summers of dealing with the heat, we figured it was about time to ask the landlord for some AC in the bedroom.  We were more than willing to install a window unit, even though we would then be boarding up our one and only window in that room.  I had also planned to finally go ahead (or as the Jersey girl in me says “g’head”) and plant a few herbs and a tomato plant in a container or two outside to get ready for some yummy, fresh summer salads.

So with our rent payment, we included a note asking if they  wouldn’t mind moving the potted plant on our side of the complex, next to our grill so we could put a couple of pots there and if they could give us a call so we could discuss the AC thing for the bedroom. It took them a week to finally call us (did I mention that they live upstairs??), but they said no on both counts.

Turns out the wife is vehemently opposed to any plants outside – well, any plants other than her plants. She’s afraid they’d die and look unsightly.  Mind you, you can’t even see that side of the house from the road.  I mean it’s not she can’t see all my indoor plants thriving just fine, but whatever.

As for the AC, we’re not allowed to put in a window unit (again, you won’t even be able to see if from the street) and they won’t cut a hole in the wall to install one that way.  But of course, they’re more than willing to let us use a portable AC unit.  You know, one that will cost us $500 vs. $150.  They also won’t allow us to hand any sort of shade on that side of the house to cut down on the sun exposure or allow us to apply any tint to the windows to help keep things a bit cooler.

And while I get that no hole in the wall, or no screens hanging down from the roof – both could be unsightly – really, no window unit?  You’ve got to be kidding me! Basically, enough is enough.

We’re thinking that it’s about time for some changes.  We’ve been more than tolerant in dealing with their crazy mother for 3+ years – including moving completely out of our second bedroom/office (though no cut in rent for any of this – we’ve since moved back into the office and could care less when the woman complains since we know it’s nothing we’re doing) and not complaining when she yells into our windows at 10:00PM in Spanish.  It seems that they just aren’t willing to work with us.  So as much as we love this place and would love to buy it once the old lady dies (what they’re waiting on so they can sell), we need something better and less restrictive.

Okay, it’s time to shake off that negativity and focus baby.  It’s time to attract our next home.  Question is…condo, townhome or house?  I mean if we’re going to manifest, we might as well go for the big guns, right? Even though I know we’d be perfectly happy with a townhome.

We’re in for a very exciting time here…I love putting things out there into the Universe and then seeing what comes our way.  Very, very exciting times and I’m really looking forward to this.  Please wish us well on our journey to our new home (more power behind the intention!)

5 thoughts on “Time To Look For a New Home (I Think)

  1. Phil

    Why yes, I definitely do think it’s time to look for a new home. Sounds like you’re better suited for the search than I was when I moved… I landed a guest house and am unbelievably thrilled with it. I’d say anything is fair game so long as it’s decently built and can stay nice and cool. Good luck!

    Phils last blog post..The only thing I’m missing is my .44 Magnum.

  2. curlywurlygurly

    sorry. i couldn’t focus on anything past the fact that you don’t have central air. 

    i would croak without it.  our house is about 65 degrees year round.  we don’t use heat and turn the air on in april and off in november. 

    i’m sending you a window unit.  just put it in and shoot them if they say anything.  🙂

    curlywurlygurlys last blog post..Road Tripping: Day 6 Memphis, TN

  3. sizzle

    That definitely blows (and not cool air- wow, bad and not even punny). Moving sounds like the right thing to do. Too bad the old lady next door isn’t deaf.

    sizzles last blog post..Living The Life

  4. Robin

    I’m sending tons of well wishes your way! It sounds like it’s definitely time to make that move so best of luck finding a new place! Keep us posted. 🙂

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