I Love When Things Start to Click

I set the intention just the other day that I was ready to make more money and get into a new place.  It’s amazing how you start to get signs from the Universe that things are moving along just as planned.

Yesterday I had a great meeting with a client (which reminds me, I need to invoice her!).  Then it just casually came up that I have some experience with podcasting (not the same client).  So now, it’s still in the air, but it looks as though I’ll be doing to recording/podcasting for our next LWL meeting tonight.  And if all goes well, it could lead to something bigger still.

I also had a gal that recently took one of my workshops send a message directly to her friends suggesting that they take my upcoming (free) workshop.  It was totally unexpected and very rewarding. I’ve met so many amazing people through LWL. So many great opportunities and so much to be grateful for.  It really makes me feel better about wanting to reach out to leading paid workshops.

At this rate, I’ll be half way to the minimum income I’ve set for myself. In just two days!  So yeah, I do believe the Universe and I are on some good terms.  I can see our new home now!  I’m so grateful for all that comes our way and the amazing folks we’ve met.  Time to clean up and declutter this office (again *sigh*) to clear up the energy and make room for the new stuff coming my way.  That house needs to fit someplace, right?

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