Oh Crap! Still More Books!

I know I mentioned in the not-so-recent past that I have books a’plenty, I mean piles of books to read.  Not counting stuff I want to read or business books and ebooks that I really need to read.  Well a while back, a friend introduced me to the a reading panel for Elle Magazine.  I chose the fiction package and received three books to read and review (I actually hated all three including the Certain Girls by Jennifer Weiner – so sad, I love her stuff).

First thing this morning, I go to let the dog out and there’s a DHL package sitting on our stoop.  I figured it was the marketing, business stuff I ordered so I just brought it in and sat it by my desk.  Turns out it’s five more books from Elle!!!  I have until August or something to read these five (well, four, since Certain Girls was included again) books.

Hello, I have my own shit to read!  Let’s just hope that these four books are all better than the batch that I had to read that first time around.

Oh if anyone wants a copy of Certain Girls just let me know since I now have two copies.  I can ship it out to you media mail.

6 thoughts on “Oh Crap! Still More Books!

  1. Florinda

    I know what you mean. My blog is pretty heavy on book-related content, but since I started getting books sent to me for review (can’t turn down free books!) it’s getting harder to keep up with the stuff I want to read for myself.

    I actually kind of like having piles of books to read, though. If you don’t get any other takers for Certain Girls, I’ll be happy to take it off your hands – just e-mail me and let me know!

    Florindas last blog post..Weekly Geeks #11 – Helping Dewey Move

  2. Ami (Writing: My Life)

    I’ve been meaning to pick up Certain Girls because I love Jennifer Weiner, but with my lack of time and the stack of unread books I’m already wading through, I knew I wouldn’t get around to reading it until, well, 2010 or so. Still, if you’re giving a copy away… I see someone else already claimed it, but just in case, I figured I’d comment.

    Either way, I hope I like it.

    Ami (Writing: My Life)s last blog post..OLS Week 6 – Meal in a Scramble

  3. Jess

    Like I said on Twitter, one can never have too many books! 😉  But hey, I’m an addict.  I guess it’s better than crack, hookers or booze though, so really I can’t complain.

    I would love to be on a review panel like that…sounds so fun! It’d give me an excuse to get more “pleasure reading” in.

  4. LA Blogger Gal

    Florida – I don’t get the books to review, per se (though a few have come in that way), but since I interview authors, I tend to have books given to me so I can research/read before the interview.  Talk about pressure to read!  I’ll shoot you a note shortly to send Certain Girls out your way.

    Ami – I really was sadly disappointed by CG.  I guess because I loved Good in Bed so much. It was fascinating to see how things played out with the author after the books written though.  Once my orig copy goes through the rounds of our book club gals, I can forward it on (or swap it out!!)

    Sarah – I make time to read! LOL it’s my favorite procrastination tool!

    Jess – That’s so funny you should say that since today I got yet another book from them.  Good news, now I’ll  have something to bring with me on the plane even if it is a hardback.  Bad news, I have to read five books by 9/15!!!!  And they’re not totally lightweight and chicklity either!  My understanding is that once you’re on the Elle panel, they ask you each year and ask you to forward on the contact info.  So stick around, you never know!

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