Greetings From San Francisco!

Here’s a brief tour of my hotel room here in San Francisco.  I’m waiting on my wine opener and crackers now – scratch that, they’re bringing me chocolate instead!  Woohoo!  Gotta love hotels with loyalty programs!

Trying to decide if I want to head on over to Fisherman’s Wharf on my own or just hang low today.  I’ve never been to Fisherman’s Wharf (except to run out and squish a penny while we were zooming through my first time in SF), but I’m just not so sure I’m up for siteseeing by myself right now.  Hello, it’s tea time downstairs right now and I just might meet fellow blogHers down there! I already introduced myself to the lady checking in before me.  She’s not here as a blogger, but as a vendor.  So there’s no stopping me now.

Then there’s the newbie party at the Westin (just mere stumbling steps away) tonight at 8:00.  I’ll need to shower and change (even having a good hair day) before heading over.  Oh and in hindsight, I wish I’d have brought my purse with me afterall instead of just the wristlet.  At least tonight I’d have easily been able to carry my biz cards, my camera and my Flip.

And speaking of the flip, I’m just sitting her (the chocolate has arrived – will go great with my glass of Cab!!!) listening to the mighty Oprah (boring topic) and waiting for the video clip to upload to YouTube. Sure takes a while.  Hurry hurry, I want to head downstairs for tea & sherry.

Crap, my wireless connection might be too slow for the upload.  I called the front desk, they had me call tech support.  I don’t have high hopes for getting a strong enough signal to upload.  Guess I’ll be bringing my laptop with me tomorrow afterall.  Grrrr.   Maybe I should try again from tea & sherry downstairs – no go…they don’t use the same service downstairs.  Double Grrr!

Video tomorrow then.  Now, I’m off for tea and sherry.

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