Look Who I Met at BlogHer Last Night

This list is based purely on business cards and two others I remember chatting with…

  • Clair @ clairnation.blogspot.com & endorphineaddtict.blogspot.com – does a local San Francisco based blog with lots of photos
  • Jessica @ ItalyLogue.com – she’s a travel writer that writes all about Italy.  Great job or what?
  • Sarah @ findableblogs.com – she does blog design
  • Jennifer @ thesmartmama.com – a blog about reducing toxic chemicals in the house – she’s the goto gal for having that eco house and raising kids eco-safe
  • Heather @ desperatelyseekingsanity.com – how great is that title?  A cool mom-ish blogger that blogs about a lot more than just being a mom. This lady has one jam-packed life.
  • Brie @ jujucoop.blogspot.com – an almost library and sometimes DJ from Vancouver
  • Siz @ Sizzle Says – we didn’t get to chat long since she was working the front signin desk
  • Kristy over at BlogHer – again, didn’t get to chat long since she was working

And for those nonbloggers

  • Met one of the gals handing out Soap Nuts – so excited
  • Sallie – is a PR gal that works with the Fresh & Easy chain (we lover their apricot/peach newtons)
  • Sally – another PR gal, this one working in children’s entertainment, like Jim Henson’s team and PBS shows
  • Jan – works with Her Room, a online women’s lingerie shop (she’s actually here at my hotel).

Off to a great start and having fun.  Networking at it’s best 😉

2 thoughts on “Look Who I Met at BlogHer Last Night

  1. Sallie

    Hey Lady!
    omgosh, it was so awesome to meet you, and I wish we would have hung out more! Thanks for the shout out!

    now im all hungry for newtons…drool…

    Talk to ya soon!

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