Migraines Do Suck

My migraine twinges finally turned into a full on migraine last night.  Of course, I was too focused on watching Vantage Point to let it get the best of me.  I thought Vantage Point was a great movie, too bad it ended so quickly.  I mean just a couple more minutes on everyone’s story would have made it about 15-20 minutes longer.  I was a little bummed with how easily it all tied up in the end and well, how short the whole thing was (less than 90 minutes).

Interestingly enough, once the movie ended, the head started to throb.  I headed into the bedroom to rest with my eye mask on (must get a new one, that one was a cheapie and it hurts after it’s been on for a bit).  After about 30 minutes or so, I realized that I needed to hit up the Vicodin or the throbbing pain would go on for hours.  The first time my doc prescribed the Vicodin for my migraines, I was really surprised.  But honestly, it cuts way, way down on how long they last.  And with the actual throbbing gone, the regular meds can just focus on kicking the actual migraine out of my head.

Today the hubs and I are heading out to a friend’s place for a BBQ. I’m quite happy since it will be in Santa Monica and that fact alone drops the temperature about 5-10 degrees.  Now I just need to figure out what to bring along since my request to provide something was shot down.  The old standard is wine, but I’m acatually thinking maybe cut up watermelon instead.

Just out of curiousity, what’s your BBQ take-along standby?

6 thoughts on “Migraines Do Suck

  1. Sarah Auerswald

    First of all, so sorry about the migraine. Suck is too mild a word for them.
    Second of all, I liked Vantage Point, too — and my best friend worked on it, which makes it all the cooler to me. 😉
    Watermelon is a great BBQ guest standby. Easy to transport and quick to assemble. Especially post-migraine.

    Sarah Auerswalds last blog post..SoCal Summer Fun!

  2. Dawn

    When I saw Vantage Point, I really liked it too, but I couldn’t help feeling that even though they tied it all up in a nice neat little package, there were still a few sneaky unanswered questions. Like they never got deeply enough into the “why” of it all. I left asking myself “but *why*??”

    Dawns last blog post..bad karma?

  3. Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity

    I have a white pizza dip that i normally take whether asked to bring something or not… i made it once and i didn’t care for it but everyone else scarfed it down…

    so now i make it..

    sorry about the migraine… i get them too and they suck

  4. Geggie

    Vantage Point, the one with Dennis Quaid that they keep playing the same seven minutes over and over?  It got a little silly.

    I have an award for you at my blog.

  5. Miss Attitude

    I’m sorry to hear about the migraine, I’ve only had two in my life I don’t want another one anytime soon!

    That’s a tough call on the BBQ dish, I took sangria yesterday.  Sometimes I bring fruit salad.  But I don’t think I’ve come up with anything that sticks!

    Miss Attitudes last blog post..I’m not a leper!

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