What an Interesting PR Opportunity

This request just came in my email earlier today for a piece to be run with a “national news site”. Trust me, I’ve seen and heard some crazy shit that people have done online thinking they were anonymous (and some not caring that they weren’t anonymous). But I have to wonder, who would actually out themselves publicly, in the “national media”, for being such a bitch?

“I’m looking for a couple of people willing to talk about their anonymous online behavior — specifically, the not-so-nice stuff. If you’ve posted angry, hateful, and/or vituperative comments in an online forum or blog and are willing to talk about it (this time you WON’T be anonymous), please contact me. I’m particularly interested in people who would never in a million years tell someone off in the same manner face to face. NO EXPERTS (I’m all set), just real folks please. THANKS for the help!”

That said, this is a fascinating topic and I’d love to read or see the piece when it’s done.  The deadline for pitching your ulitimate bitchiness is this Friday.  Drop me a comment if you should happen to want the contact info for the writer.

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