My First Earthquake!

Well, technically it was like my third or fourth, but ones when I’m sleeping and totally unaware don’t count, nor do the ones that happen when I’m driving, since you can’t really feel those.  My very first one was a rolling quake a couple of months after I first moved here. I had no idea what was going on. I just remember feeling nauseous and thinking that that was just odd.

As was this one. I was getting ready to walk out the door to head to the dreaded laundromat and the hubs stops me saying “earthquake.”  I didn’t feel anything at that time so just looked at him saying “really?”  He pulled me to the front door just as the shaking started.  Crazy.  For us it wasn’t bad, just a lot of shaking and noise.  The pictures aren’t even crooked and nothing fell or moved…thankfully.

The landlord came down just now and he said that upstairs it was shaking like crazy.  It was a 5.8 in Chino Hills. Great, and now the news is saying “not to alarm, but there is a chance that this was a foreshake to a larger quake to come.”  Now I’m scared to leave the house and a little worried about the nieces since they’re home alone out there in Corona, which is must closer to the epicenter than we are (and all I’m getting is a busy signal).

Odd how even when it’s over and done, you can still feel the adrenaline rushing through the body.  It’s like you’re humming from the inside.  Or just overly caffeinated.

6 thoughts on “My First Earthquake!

  1. sizzle

    I was in CA when the BIG ONE hit and it was so bizarre and scary. It did, however, have one positive – neighbors were actually neighborly to one another. We were all outside in our front yards because it was hot, we couldn’t cook and so people were just hanging out. Besides, less to fall on your head, I guess.

    Glad you guys are ok. They always say there is a big one to come but when? Just be safe.

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