Heading into the Weekend with a Slew of Random Thoughts

I feel like I should be writing a real post here, but seriously I have too much going on in my head to bother with focusing on one particular topic or another.

* To start with, my Reader is once again heading awfully close to 1000 posts.  I know that CurlyWurlyGurly says that I should only worry about her posts, but something tells me I might need to trim my reader a bit.

* On top of my Reader backlog, I also have an email backlog that I’m slowly working my way through.  Come of people, it was only 3 days.  What’s going to happen when we head out to Ireland for 10 days?!?!?!

* My landlords are petsitting their grand-dog and it’s driving me crazy.  Here I thought my dog barked a lot, but that thing never shuts up…especially when outside our bedroom in the early morning.

* I have to say that sometimes I wish my little guy was a big dog – big dogs bark so much less during the day.  Our guy has taken to sitting on the chair, looking out the window specifically for something to bark at in the evening.  Makes TV viewing a bit of a challenge.

* Speaking of the little guy, I can’t believe that after fighting with the Hoover steam cleaner,  a couple weeks back that my dog had the nerve to throw up not once, not twice, but in six spurts on my clean rug!!!  Thankfully I haven’t yet returned the steam cleaner to my brother-in-law so I guess now I’ll be testing out the spot treatment capabilities *sigh*

* My basil plant has managed to survive over a month now, including 2 extended weekend trips.  But now, it seems to have those stupid little black bugs that eat the leaves.  I’ve already cut off the more intested branches as I’m hoping I can save at least some of the plant.  I haven’t made my panzanella salad yet this summer!  Wish me luck.

* My sinuses and throat starting acting up within an hour of returning home this week.  Seriously, I’m bummed that there’s something in the house that I’m allergic to.  More importantly, it’s seems likely that the cat is the culprit – and we won’t (I won’t) be getting rid of the cat anytime soon.

* Accupuncture is going well.  I can feel my sinuses releasing and my breathing getting easier while I’m resting in the office.  Today I was a bit more bothered by the actual needles and felt most of them (at least the ones in the face and hands) the entire time.  Normally, I don’t feel a thing.  She’s thinking that I need a total of five treatments, so I have three more to go.  I don’t care as long as I feel better.

* My arms have been itching a bit again lately.  I guess it looks like it too since the accupuncture doctor asked me about it.  And of course, that just made me feel itchier.  Go figure.  As long as I don’t start going scratching crazy in my sleep again I should be fine.  Needless to say, I’ll be asking my doctor for a recommendation to the allergist when I see her later this month.

* I have less than a month to read one more book for the Elle book thing.  And I’ve a week to finish my book club book.  And two more books came in the mail for me this week (not including our Ireland planning books and the work-related ebooks I have piling up).  Yeah, um…again I go off on the book thing.

* I’m thinking of doing the 29 Days of Giving thing.  A fellow LWL gal started up the site and a few of my friends have been doing it.  I always love how giving and setting intentions really change the energy and get things moving.  I just need to make sure I’m commited to the entire 29 days.  Feel free to play along.

* Last week my bloggie friend, Geggie gave me a “Smile Award” and I’ve yet to say thanks or pay it forward.  I’ll work on that.  And Geg, thanks!!

* I forgot just how usefull that Mac remote control is.  I’ve been doing a lot of iTunes library playing lately.  And well, the library on this particular computer is a mix of my stuff and the hubby’s stuff.  So is nice to not even have to switch between all my open windows.  I just click next and I’m on my way to the next song.  Genius.

Okay, I’ve got to stop at some point and this seems good enough.  Hope everyone has a great weekend.

3 thoughts on “Heading into the Weekend with a Slew of Random Thoughts

  1. curlywurlygurly

    i seriously don’t know how you could have so many blogs in your reader–i have 30–and i change them up if people don’t post often enough. 🙂  how mean am i?

    enjoy your weekend and don’t worry about all the things you have to do.  they will still be here on monday.

    curlywurlygurlys last blog post..Have you heard of this NASCAR thing?

  2. LA Blogger Gal

    Curly – that’s because I have over 200 blogs in my reader including business blogs.  I’ve noticed though that I’m not even taking the time to read many of my “favorites” so I think it’s time to trim the fat so to speak.

  3. LA Blogger Gal

    Curly – that's because I have over 200 blogs in my reader including business blogs.  I've noticed though that I'm not even taking the time to read many of my “favorites” so I think it's time to trim the fat so to speak.

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