Damn that Reader

I have over 1000 unread blog posts piled up. Sadly, I won’t be reading the majority of them. “Mark as Read” is my friend. Sorry if I haven’t been around to comment lately, I just haven’t felt all that motivated to read my blogs (my books, yes – my blogs, no).

4 thoughts on “Damn that Reader

  1. sizzle

    I’ve taken to giving myself deadlines. I have one hour to read/comment on blogs and then that’s it. Away from the computer. It’s good to do what you are motivated to do. If it’s not reading blogs, so be it!

    sizzles last blog post..A Gift

  2. Florinda

    Unfortunately, my motivation seems to flow in the opposite direction lately – more blog-reading, less book-reading. And it’s not like I have a shortage of books in the TBR collection. But yes, sometimes “mark all as read” is a good friend of mine too.

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