Not Sure I’ll Make It

Well, I finally made the appointment with the allergist.  Turns out I need to be antihistamine and medicine-free for a week.  Mind you, two days straight of not taking my pills and my entire body starts to itch and my eyes start to water.  We’re talking, I scratch myself raw in my sleep (I still have the scars to prove it).  I’m already psychosomatically itching away and I’ve taken my meds today so there’s no excuse.  This should be interesting, very interesting indeed.

One thing my doc told me though is that if I am allergic to the cat that I can probably start on some desensitization sort of therapy.  I will say, the acupuncture is working quite well.  The lump in the back of my throat is pretty much gone until about Wednesday (from a Friday appointment).  I’m sure she can also help with the itching when I visit tomorrow. So between the two, I’ll be spiffy in no time.

But tell me, how could you not want to love and snuggle with this little guy.  Itching be damned, I’ll still be cuddling with him.


4 thoughts on “Not Sure I’ll Make It

  1. LA Blogger Gal

    Sizzle – he’s definitely a cutie (and he knows it)

    Katelin – being allergic to life can’t be cool

    Curly – Seriously?  How odd is that?!?!  I remember as a kid being allergic to cats, but I don’t recall any symptoms.  Even here with our guy,  I dated long distance for 2 years with week-long visits each time.  Then even after moving it, it was at least 3-4 years before I showed any major symptoms.  So who knows.

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