Everyone Wants a Golden Ticket, Right?

I’ve been hearing a lot about this upcoming event.  It’s right here in Long Beach too.  I’ve heard Brendon Burchard speak a month or so ago.  He’s really a fascinating guy with a fascinating story.  And of course who wouldn’t want to hear Marianne Williamson? I’ve read quite a few of her books.

Well if you’re in the area, feel free to check it out…


Have you ever had a dream so BIG that everyone thought you were nuts whenever you talked about it?

That’s what happened when my friend Brendon Burchard decided to bring his best-selling inspirational novel Life’s Golden Ticket to life as a seminar in a circus tent.

Well, now he’s actually pulled it off and he’s inviting you and 2,000 people to be part of the most unique transformational training event I’ve heard of in a long time.

Grab hold of Life’s Golden Ticket

Brendon is combining a success seminar with theater to create a magical and inspiring event that will help you become:

— More AWARE of your life’s story and awakened in the moment
— More ACCEPTING of who you really are
— More ACCOUNTABLE for the results you’re experiencing so you can change faster
— More ACTION-ORIENTED in creating the life of your dreams

Brendon has even invited his friends Dr. John Gray (Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus) and Marianne Williamson (Oprah radio host and author of The Age of Miracles) to teach you their most profound insights gathered over decades as experts in relationships and spirituality.

A seminar in a circus tent?

Only Brendon could pull it off. And it’s a dream that you’ll be talking about for a long, long time after you attend.

Don’t miss this legendary event.

Don’t pass up your golden ticket.

Now take action and create the life you deserve.

Wishing you much magic in your life. Hope to see you there

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