And So it Starts…

Well, the itching has begun *sigh* and it’s driving me insane already.

The good news, as my friends from book club pointed out, it looks as though I’m not as allergic to the cat as I may have thought.  My itching started and advanced all while sitting outside in my friend’s backyard without a cat anywhere in sight.  I also noticed that once I got in the car and started heading home, the incessant itching calmed down (and that’s with the windows open).  Once I got home, I’m still not scratching anywhere near as much as I was outside earlier.  So good news for the cute one!

And totallly unrelated, the hubs stopped by an open house today up the street and liked it.  He wants me to call and schedule a visit myself when he’s out of town this week.  Should be interesting.

And still more unrelated…I just gave up on my Reader and deleted about half of my subscriptions.  So now I’m thankfully down to 150 or so blogs with more still that can probably be culled.  It’s a start.

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