Great Show Tonight: Martina McBride @ Verizon Amphitheater

Tonight we headed down to the OC to see Martina McBride at the Verizon Amphitheater. I just love Martina, but have yet to see her live so I begged the hubs to take me. Plenty of tickets were still available, so we figured we’d just buy lawn seats when we got there like we did for Brad Paisley.

I’m waiting by the gate while the hubby buys the tickets. I had no idea what was taking so long. He walks over to me and tells me that they didn’t open the lawn, but that he thinks I’ll like the seats. When then start the trek up to the “cheap” seats. Or so I thought.

Turns out, they gave him tickets in the pit. So basically, we were 6th row. This is the first time in a long, long, loooong time since I’ve been this close to a show. I think Depeche Mode in ’86 was my last show where I was this close (ah…the days when a day of scaped ticket would only cost you $35).

Needless to say, the show was incredible. The energy level was great. She sounded awesome. When I listen to Martina or Trisha Yearwood live, I’m always amazed at just how sucky the current crop of pop singers really are. I mean on her best day, I don’t think Britney Spears could even come close to singing the notes these ladies sing.

Of course, tonight I decided to not bring my purse, camera or phone with me. So the few photos we did get (I had to try, I was too close to waste the opportunity) were from the hubby’s blackberry which has no zoom and takes some pretty shitty photos.

After the show we stopped by the Irvine Spectrum for dinner…but uh, no purse = no ID. Yeah, I’m about ready to be knocking on 40’s door not all too far in the future here, but without an ID they didn’t want to let me in. I swore up and down that I would only be drinking diet coke (ended up drinking green tea, close enough). I get that you need to card and all, but we just wanted dinner and at 11:30 at night very few places were open. Luckily the manager agreed to let us in after making sure I don’t work for ABC or law enforcement – LOL.

Oh yeah, those pit tickets…only cost $12 for the pair!!! Times like this remind me that when you share what you have with others (I’m doing the 29 Days of Giving), it comes back to you in so many ways. Amazing stuff.

Great night all around. Now it’s nearly 3:00AM and it’s time for bed.

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