When the Husband is Away…

…the wife will scratch!

Okay, I’m down to the final countdown here.  My appointment is at 2:30 tomorrow.  I just need to make it through tonight.  Luckily, the itching seems to much more tame today.  I’m thinking it just means that I’m getting used to being without meds again.  Then agian, I typically go scratching crazy at night, so who knows.

I did decide that today was the day for errands.  Amazing how much earlier I can wake up when I go to bed earlier – funny how that works.  I had to pick up some meds, drop off some food at the local food bank (thank you 29 Days of Giving), and head out to J Crew to see if those $50 flipflops are on sale yet (they are – $35 at 30% off — I’d happily pay $25 for them though I didn’t like the way they fit).

After the errands, I spent most of the day working on biz stuff – emails, bookkeeping (half-way!!), and reading some biz stuff.  I find that I set these priorities and tasks for myself and my business, but then life happens and I keep putting things off.  I’ve been much better this week though, so I hope to keep this momentum going.

I also decided to look at a condo today.  The hubs actually looked at it on Sunday while I was at book club and asked that I check it out this week.  It’s a nice complex, right down the street, quiet, has a rec room (where I could lead workshops), pool, gym, blah, blah.  It’s a bit bigger than I’d think we’d need with PLENTY of storage which of course means that sadly, we’d easily be able to fill up all that space.  I think it might be a bit out of our price range, but who knows.  It’s definitelly nice to at least get the energy flowing in the direction of creating a new living space.  There’s one smaller one a town or two over that he’d like me to look at as well so I’ll call on that tomorrow.

Now…it’s time for dinner and a chick flick.

2 thoughts on “When the Husband is Away…

  1. LA Blogger Gal

    Hey Miss A!  I’m counting down on the itching now…mere minutes!!  As for the movie, I watched two…Mad Money and Rumor Has It.  Both were cute.

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