Oh No, Baby Spiders!!

I just got in a bit ago from picking the hubs up at the airport and then a quick dinner in Hermosa Beach.  We’re laying on the couch with the boys and I look to the window.  I notice a BUNCH of little black dots all over my curtains.  Thinking they must be bugs of some sort (I did just vacuum the other day), I got up to get a closer look.

Yep, bunches of baby spiders are sleeping on my curtains!  Off to grab the Dyson – who cares if it’s midnight, I have baby spiders!  I sucked them all up.  Of course, now they’re living my my empty canister (since it was just dumped clean the other day).  Really, I hate spiders – babies or not.

And of course, now I’m imagining that my body is covered in little, baby spiders.  Gross!

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