What in the World Was I Thinking?

Why did I think that writing up a newsletter on a Monday would be a good idea? Honestly, I seem to have no desire to do much of anything on Mondays.  But nope, I’ve got to finish updating our books, write this blog, a newsletter, a biz blog post and prep this week’s blog posts for my site…today.  Yeah, that’s some motivating stuff.  I’ll work on it all though, that’s for sure.  I’m all about the forward motion lately.

I’ve been participating daily in the 29 Days of Giving (this is the third, different link I’ve used for this event) and I’ve had some very interesting things happen as a result.  I’ve also been focusing more and more on setting my intentions and asking for what I want.  Needless to say, yesterday was an interesting day and brought me some interesting ideas and people.

Yesterday was a local LWL event.  It was held at the Equinox Spa & Gym over in Century City.  Let me just say, this place has an amazing set up.  It’s a perfect party location.  Very cool.  It was a fun event, tons of women, many great ideas, fun nibbles, interesting drinks (mine was just way too strong for me to enjoy, so I stuck to the Her energy drinks and water), and a goody bag to boot!  Aside from the hour or so when the sun was directly upon us, all was good.

I think my favorite part of the event though, was the networking, the mingling about and the catching up with folks.  With many networking groups it’s all about “hi, this is what I do, how can you help me?”  But with LWL, it’s such a casual event.  One minute you’re chatting with someone, the next, they’re introducing you to someone that might be able to help you…but it’s all natural and organic.  It’s not about what’s in it for them, it’s about genuinely wanting to help out your fellow LWLers.  It’s funny how you can just casually say something to someone in this group and the idea just explodes.

Case in point…I mentioned that I have a book idea and a friend referred me to her sister who works in publishing (who I had already been talking to and wanted to hook me up with some authors she knows).  Next think I know, they’re talking agents.  Wow, this could will really happen.

Second example…I was mentioning my upcoming workshop to a few gals and they got me to not only raise my price for the event, but to offer up a test-run class for a half the price (still more than I was originally planning to charge) in just two weeks.  I mean this went from casual mention to actual planned event in the course of an hour!  Absolutely amazing.

Now it’s an hour after I had to step away from this post to take a call, so I’m going to get to work.

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