Do You Use Affiliate Programs?

I use them for my business, but outside of some amazon action on my website, I can’t say I’ve used them much.  I was poking around the web asking my good friend, Google for some advice on how to create a landing page (I’m SO not a web designer!) and stumbled upon these guys…

I can’t tell for sure since their site is closed (only testimonials up right now) until the 28th, but it seems like it’s a way to set up your own superstore.  So instead of struggling with Amazon (and boy howdy do I seem to struggle with that site) or eBay, you can use them to set up your own storefront.  Could definitely be interesting, especially if you tend to promote some bigger ticketed items or run a niche community or blog.  I’m very interested to learn more once they relaunch on the 28th.

So I ask you, do you use any sort of affiliate program to make a little pocket change off of your blog or your business?

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